Finest Hour Life Coaching

The hidden treasure inside each of us is a call to our own destiny. How far will you go when you discover your finest hour?


Rebecca Goodman is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach. She has more than a decade of experience leading women's groups and guiding individuals in personal growth. She immediately cultivates a warm atmosphere of clarity, encouragement and transformative possibility uniquely suited to each person. Her sharp focus and discernment gently reveals obstacles hindering progress toward goals. Her contagious enthusiasm sparks passion for purpose. What is the finest hour? When you find yourself...doing more than you thought possible!

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Understanding, considerate, compassion, compliant, good listener. 

Holli H.

Becki is such a valued person in my life. Her ability to listen, challenge my brain, and genuinely care for my overall well-being has been the light at many of my dark tunnels. I met her at a time when I thought was my best life that became a true nightmare, however, it really turned out to be the beginning of a great path of enlightenment. Her knowledge, calmness, faith, truth, and love gave me the ability to trust and open up to her on many levels. I could go on for probably a whole novel worth of guidance, challenges, discussions, teachings oh so many things she has instilled in me. I am still on my journey and I truly believe in my heart that if Becki was not in my life I would not be where I am now. I still have so much more growing to do and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

Stephani L.

The advice I get is always honest and with empathy. Sometimes I'm stressed out and talking with her helps me see things more clearly. I think I could tell her anything and she wouldn't judge... I'm very blessed to have her to talk to.

Donna O.