Finest Hour Life Coaching

The hidden treasure inside each of us is a call to our own destiny. How far will you go when you discover your finest hour?

We need help managing stress:

Feeling overwhelmed can be overcome with the right strategy. I can help you create lifestyle habits where you unplug, unwind, achieve clarity, and restoration. We can't eliminate all stress, but we can rearrange our lives and confidently face challenges. Discover how to make problems work for you!

We need help with relationships: 

Relationships are multi-faceted and complicated. As a coach, I’m here to help you honor the person inside. When you're standing firm, it influences others to find their place, too. They value what you bring to the relationship: cooperation, satisfaction, and respect.

We need help when we feel stuck: 

Negative thinking can form beliefs and behaviors that create a rut in your life. My work is to peer with you into the space where those thoughts are held exposing how they no longer serve you. Let’s create positive thoughts that steer toward success.

We need help building confidence and making a change: 

You deserve personally designed support that shows the rest of the world the treasure that's already there.. There's nothing more rewarding than the journey and celebration of your true, authentic self and living out your purpose!

We have been wounded: 

We aren't always aware of the hidden wounds of the heart, but we feel the effects. There is great reward when you find purpose in the pain. We can draw out the strengths you've gained from the past and help steer those strengths toward solutions.

We need help growing closer to God:

God’s desire is to show you extravagant love and purpose for your life. My purpose is to listen to others and help them understand how their trials have the power to transform their lives. I can show you where to find answers to tough questions in the bible.